Principal's Report

Young School

Principal’s Report 

By Dr. Peter E. Harrison, Principal

Young School Community Wellness...A 5-2-1-0 Priority: Young School’s 5-2-1-0 Team continues to plan and execute activities that target employee wellness.  We believe that a staff that models healthy eating habits and active lifestyles has a positive impact on the children attending our school.  Young School’s 5-2-1-0 Team, with the support of the Young School PTO, recently introduced a “healthy snack program”, which will provide students and staff with a once per month sampling of scrumptious vegetables and fruit!  Exercise opportunities in the form of “kickboxing” and Yoga, are offered by staff members to colleagues on a weekly basis. Healthy “pot luck meals” are also proving to be fun options each month. Staff members are encouraged to prepare their favorite healthy recipe and “break bread” with colleagues.

Saco’s annual “Bike Rodeo” Planning Team is making progress in ensuring that the children of our community receive an opportunity to have their bicycles tuned up and tested as we near spring.   This important event is reflective of Saco’s community leaders working collaboratively, which is an excellent model for our students. The students are immersed in an educational process designed to prepare them to be well and productive in this 21st Century, which demands that they be able to work collaboratively (work with others), communicate effectively (convey ideas), think critically (find solutions to problems) and respond creatively (think “outside the box”).  Thank you to the Young School PTO Leadership for championing this important event!

Responsive Classroom Approach To Teaching: Young School’s culture is directly influenced by the principles that guide the Responsive Classroom approach to teaching.  These seven principles recognize that the social curriculum is as important as the academic curriculum. How children learn is as important as what they learn.  Great cognitive growth occurs through social interaction. School success requires specific social and emotional skills. Knowing the children is as important as knowing the content.  Knowing families is essential to children’s education. How adults work together is as important as individual competence. Please schedule a visit with us, so that you can experience a classroom-based “Morning Meeting”, where these seven principles come to life!

At Young School, the school nurse supports dental health by teaming with “Tooth Protectors”, who come twice annually to assist students in receiving dental care in the school setting.   Tooth Protectors Inc. is a Maine based organization, with a team of insured, licensed, fingerprinted, registered, dental hygienists who travel throughout Maine with portable equipment providing much needed preventative dental hygiene care.  This is afforded through the family’s insurance plans. At Young School, we have had an increase in student participation this year. To date, 20 students have received dental exams. If the student is noted to have a dental concern that the hygienist finds during the exam, the nurse calls home to notify the parents to have their child be seen by a dentist. 


The nurse also provides all students with toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste during “Dental Health Month”, which is February.   Dental education is provided to students by the school nurse and encourages students to take care of not only their teeth but their bodies, including making responsible choices between sugary snacks/fruits and vegetables.   Besides impressing upon students the importance of consistent dental hygiene and caring for one’s body, students are encouraged to share this health-related information with family members.  School nurses provide students with health education news that they also share with their families.

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